We all at least one time per day stand in front of a mirror, do you? After all, mirrors reflect our personality, tell us how we look and improve our image. But it’s not just you. A mirror can do the same for your brand’s personality too. Especially, in this new avatar of an amazing mirror photo booth.

The thinnest Mirror Photo Booth in the world is here.

Instead of the original mirror photo booth that you will find in the market, iboothme’s new mirror photo booth is super thin (14 cm!), slightly tinted, and ultra stylish. More importantly this mirror photo booth, it’s one of the most powerful marketing tools in the market.

Reflect your message through exciting effects 

Hosting an event? Promoting a makeup or fashion brand? Launching a magazine? Or just have a cool idea? Our mirror photo booth is as versatile as you want it to be. We don’t just mean ordinary photos. It captures video, creates Boomerang, Gifs and Snapchat too.

Powerful HD camera

A mirror should never lie. That’s why our mirror photo booth has a hidden HD camera that works perfectly even in low light conditions. So don’t worry about those dimly lit event spaces anymore.


Just stand in front of the mirror. Strike a pose, click a photo, and add a filter or a message. Done. Now enter the details and the mirror photo booth automatically sends an email or even prints the photo wirelessly too.

Be the first to take a peek at the thinnest mirror photobooth. Watch this video to check out all its cool features. 

Easy to install & Sexy look

It’s lightweight, easy to install and childlike simple. What’s more, it doesn’t need an operator. Which means you’re not just staring at the sleekest mirror photo booth, but also at a potful of savings. A 14 cm thin body also makes it a stylish accessory in any space.

Collect data any way you want to

At iboothme, all our innovations are based on a simple philosophy: We believe a good marketing tool should be engaging, customizable, collect data and start a conversation that lives on for as long as you want it to. This is what helps brands go further. Our new mirror photo booth ticks all the boxes.

Take our mirror photo booth places. Just talk to us.

Planning a weeklong event? Or just for a few hours? Rent out iboothme’s customizable mirror photo booth anytime and anywhere. Our strategists are ready to brainstorm and take your idea to the next level. Have an exciting brief? Let’s get started now.

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