There are photo booths. And then there’s the 360 video booth by iboothme. Designed to bring you the most exciting experience and a stunning bullet time effect at your event. At the first anniversary of Soho Garden, we put it to test. Let’s just say it stole the show with non-stop queues. Get ready for automation at a whole new level. For experiences that are truly pulsating and for results that are truly mind-blowing.

Here’s why the 360 video booth will get your next event buzzing.

  • It doesn’t look like a photo booth

The 360° video booth by iboothme is different from any traditional photo booth. It isn’t a big ugly box. It’s sleek, slim and stylish, just like you want your event or campaign to be. More importantly, you can install it in the smallest of spaces without the need of an operator. Say goodbye to huge photo booths and huge budgets too

  • It moves around without you having to

People love clicking photos from different angles. The 360 video booth automatically spins around your guests so they don’t have to. All they need to do is strike that sensational pose and it keeps clicking away.

  • It creates the most amazing bullet effect

You no longer need to hire a series of cameras and mount them sequentially in a huge space to get a bullet time effect. Guess, what this exciting video booth does it for you. The effect is ultra professional and hyper-cool.

Check out how the 360 video booth got everyone at the first anniversary of Soho Garden posing non-stop. Watch the video here.

  • It’s got flexible software

Not only does this video booth move to your orders, but also does everything you want it to do. Powered by iboothme’s innovative software engineering, it lets you add different effects and edit patterns to the videos automatically. Now you can create a montage, add music, use filters, add 3D elements, increase the speed of the frames per minute, and so much more instantly and automatically.

  • It’s collects and analyses data

Like every product from iboothme, you are guaranteed to get deeper insights as well as a huge database of contacts with our live analysis and data collection system. So now you can target your customers in the future too.

Want to try the awesome 360 video booth at your next event? Talk to us at iboothme.

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