The iboothme 360 video booth is an exciting new way to engage audiences at events and gatherings, and get them buzzing about your brand. We bring a refreshing take on conventional video booths by allowing people to capture their own unique individual experiences in full 360 degrees video.

With a rotating robotic arm holding a high-definition camera, the iboothme 360 video booth allows people to capture a 360 view of themselves in crystal clear videos. They can then easily upload these on their social media profiles, thanks to iboothme’s personalised marketing microsite. Now, getting viral content online in real-time is literally just a few clicks away.

iboothme 360 captures movement, people, and life in full, captivating color – creating shareworthy content that people will want others to see. Let people flaunt their #onfleek #OOTDs, or take creative selfies with their friends – the options are virtually limitless.

With an easy-to-use and responsive user interface, people will want to spend more time at the booth and your event! This creates a lasting impact and solid brand retention for your label.

Get real-time analytics and data from a customised photo booth

In addition to entertaining and engaging guests at your event, the iboothme 360 photo booth can also be packaged with custom-tailored analytics that allows you to measure social interactions of user-generated content. How many guests took 360 videos at your event? How many people shared it online? Which social platforms did they share it on? How many reactions did their photos get on social media?

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iboothme can help you collect valuable data and insight about your audience, so you have fuel to drive your marketing and advertising engine. Find out what makes your audience tick, and use that information to boost your brand reach and exposure.

The perfect photo booth for fashion and clothing brands

For clothing lines and fashion brands that are looking to launch new and exciting outfits, designs, apparel, and products, the iboothme 360 photo booth is the ideal marketing and advertising platform. The 360-degree camera coverage allows you to capture even the smallest details of your new product, in full color and high definition. Feature your hottest, newest offerings for the season and get people buzzing about them today!

Whether you are releasing a fresh line of summer dresses or thick, soft coats for the winter, the iboothme 360 can feature your products in stunning clarity.


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