Picture this: you spend weeks conceptualizing on an activation idea for your brand; you spend tons of money executing it; you also get the right buzz and the crowd. But the sales don’t match… Now wouldn’t it be nice if there were a tool to boost your sales?

At iboothme, we constantly reinvent our marketing tools to make sure our clients constantly get high ROI and huge results. And our latest news is very exciting.

A call to action that actually converts your leads into sales. 

iboothme’s marketing website now has a powerful new addition. Yes, we have integrated a plugin so all your customers need to do is push a button and you can enjoy a sale.

The idea is simple, yet powerful. We create a unique experience for your brand, collect customer data and give prospects an opportunity to keep a memory of the experience through a photo, GIF or even a video, for instance. If they accept, our specially devised call to action asks them to buy the product instantly. A ‘yes’, grabs you a sale. How? Well, the button is directly linked to your E-commerce website.

Not all customers should have to make a decision on the spot.

Prospects can also push a button and choose to buy later if they did not make the decision during your event. In this case, we send out to automated reminders weekly, monthly or based on any customised time-frame you choose. Not only does this push the customer to buy, it also increases sales on the online platform.

“But I don’t have an E-commerce website,” some clients have said.

No E-commerce platform? No problem. At iboothme, we are flexible and know how to adapt to any situation. We still ask the customer if they are interested in buying the product by offering a discount. If that’s a ‘yes’, for example, an automated 10% discount coupon is sent directly to their inbox and can be used inside the shop. In fact, iboothme can even install some tablets where prospects can add a promo code and get instant discounts.

Looking for a perfect tool to push sales for your brand? Talk to us now.

At iboothme, we can provide customised digital solutions that match your structure or strategy.