Yes, it’s true. A photo booth leaves a great impression at events and retail outlets. But should you rent a photo booth or buy a photo booth has always been the top question on every marketer’s mind. Until now, this was a fix where the end decision usually went in favour of renting. And with good reason too. Well, not anymore.


At iboothme, we are always thinking of making the next impossible, possible and be at the forefront of new innovations. This was a dilemma that definitely got us thinking. What if we created the first photo booth you can buy? One that event companies or brands could use for a longer duration of time. In simple words, a more permanent photo booth.


So, when Steve Madden had a request for a photo booth at their retail outlet, it triggered the perfect opportunity for us to wow the world. And we grabbed it and how. We created the first permanent photo booth at their store that was sleek, futuristic and highly engaging. A photo booth that draws attention, delivers great results and is pleasing to the eyes.


There are many benefits to consider when you decide to buy a photo booth with iboothme.

  1. Fully customizable you call the shots
  2. Gives you more bang for your buck
  3. Saves you tons of money
  4. Maintaining it is no rocket science

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