The brief:

We were asked to create a customized visual marketing solution for a private Adidas event for a duration of 4 days. The idea needed to be engaging, edgy, but most importantly – sharable.


In line with Adidas NMD Past Empowers Future concept, we set out to create a GIF animation solution to give guests a unique keepsake of the event. The look was distinct, and we managed to seamlessly incorporate people’s pictures into the design. The idea was to create a unique visual photo booth solution in order to amaze the guests and let them share their content on social media.

View Visual Result of Adidas Creative GI


Our team had to work through several challenges to make this project come to life, starting with the GIF file itself. GIFs work well on Facebook and even Twitter, but are not compatible with Instagram, which happened to be our main platform for the event. So we altered the file conversion process in order to provide guests with a MP4 video file of their content – instantly! And since Instagram doesn’t yet allow direct shares from other channels or platforms to your page, we sent the file as an easy-to-download attachment via email, all on the spot.

And if that wasn’t enough, we even overcame iOS barriers and managed to provide smooth and safe downloads on all devices.

The solution:

Against all the challenges, we created a fully customized visual marketing solution, that took our Goboothme roaming photo booth product to a whole new level. Our award-winning roaming photobooth was re-programmed to capture and convert GIF files into shareable content.

How it worked:

  • The GIF studio captured content against a green screen.
  • Converted videos were then shared via email.
  • Every step of the user journey, interactions, and data collected was monitored by the client via our live tracking platform.
Click here to see Adidas GIF studio in action: View video of Adidas GIF studio


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