Goboothme: A new and fresh approach to bringing life to your events

During luxury events and VIP activations, guests are expected to act formal, which makes standard photo booths uninviting. While it is standard to have professional photographers at your event, it is not nearly enough, as it lacks the functionalities of a standard photo booth, such as email capability and customised branding. So what is the right solution for your VIP activation and exclusive events?

A roaming photo booth

We have combined the power of a photo booth with the professionalism of a photographer and created Goboothme!

The Goboothme is a creative concept that practically transforms photo booths as we know it. Instead of a stationary location where guests have to line up to have their photos taken, the Goboothme brings the picture-taking experience to them. The package features a powerful DSLR camera equipped with an internet-enabled tablet.

This portable package allows the photographer to roam around and take pictures of your guests. Pictures can be immediately viewed through the tablet, and printed through a wireless printer stand via Wi-Fi. But more than just being a roaming photo booth, Goboothme also serves as a multi-functional solution for brands and businesses.

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Footstep generation at events                                               

The Goboothme is an excellent platform for driving foot traffic. The wireless printer can be used as a platform to market your merchandise, give away limited vouchers, or boost brand visibility. With the Goboothme wireless printer, your options are limitless.

Impactful branding and marketing

Guests receive their photos via a fully-branded microsite, which are fully customised with your marketing and advertising visuals. From banner ads to product videos, user experience is funnelled for maximum brand visibility and exposure. Microsite Example

More than just a photo

The Goboothme has the same power as the iboothme and can record HD videos, GIFs, Boomerang, and other kinds of content! With the Goboothme, you get a powerful and creative roaming photo booth customized according to your activation need.