What’s a great video without a great soundtrack? When La Cantine in Dubai, wanted to promote their 4th anniversary, we knew it had to be something special. And so the iboothme Luxury StudioBooth was born – The world’s first Luxury Karaoke video booth that is ready to hit all the right notes in innovative visual marketing.

iboothme Studiobooth: Recreating iconic moments through music and video

 As an integral part of the Queen Tribute, we wanted to give the event goers a truly remarkable opportunity to live the life of the world’s greatest rock star. We turned each and everyone into live performers. We gave people a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get their voice recorded in a professional studio by professional music composers and engineers. At the La Cantina event, this idea just proved to the world how easy it was to get guests to find their groove.

So what exactly is an iboothme Studiobooth?

Ever been to a karaoke booth? Well, this one will beautifully autotune your voice to make you like a rock star! iboothme Studiobooth will create a beautiful video montage. The iboothme StudioBooth turns your recording session into a professional video clip with crystal clear sound and top-notch HD resolution.

And how is it effective?

You see, like every photo booth we produce, data collection and analysis are critical components. To receive the video you need to submit your details. More importantly, the karaoke video booth also adds a new level of engagement compared to ordinary photo booths. The next time you are hosting an event, or a corporate party or even a fun experience, you can count on the iboothme StudioBooth to add an extra dimension of fun to your videos. The possibilities besides the ROI, can be quite mind-boggling.

Want to see the magic of the iboothme Karaoke video booth? Watch the video here.

 The iboothme StudioBooth produced record-breaking results

Within just minutes, we had guests queuing up to try their voices and mimic the legendary Freddie Mercury. Almost everyone signed up giving us priceless data to put future marketing efforts on track. After all, everyone loves karaoke, don’t they?

Want a spectacular performance at your next event. iboothme StudioBooth is the latest legend.

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