Let’s face it. When was the last time you got your audience involved just by clicking their photos at your event? Most activations struggle to get their audience involved. There is often nothing much for them to do. This got us thinking. And it became the premise behind developing the highly dynamic iboothme Mosaic Wall photo booth – a beautiful way of engaging your audience and getting them to be an integral part of your event.

A photo booth unlike any other

Well, we’re going to go all out and say this once again: If you use a photo booth just to take photos, you are not maximizing the true potential of a photo booth. After all, when you have a captive audience already present at your event, you should be engaging them in every possible way. At iboothme, as the region’s leading photo booth experts, we develop photo booths not just for the sake of creating photo booths. We create to deliver to every marketing need. Like our mosaic photo booth for instance. It can work wonders for your event or brand activation.

How it works

It’s so easy and simple to install. The photo booth clicks your photo and it prints out a lovely little sticker of the photograph. Your prospects are then invited to add their sticker to a huge mosaic wall, giving them a reason to be part of the overall visual experience. Every photo adds another beautiful dimension and becomes an integral piece that completes the overall picture.

See how our digital mosaic wall photo booth works. View video here.

Create beautiful visual stories

Imagine the most beautiful photos. Now imagine multiplying the effect and seeing it altogether. The Mosaic Wall photo booth takes every individual experience and turns it into a visual masterpiece. And the best part is, that it gets your audience to participate in telling that story.

Boosts engagement to a whole new level

Giving your clients something to do can be wonderfully rewarding. They get immersed in the experience and connect with the idea instead of simply acting as bystanders or viewers.

Customize your visual

You can customize the design of the mosaic to suit your requirements. The size, shape or colors are all up to you. Want to create something black & white? How about a giant portrait of images? It is possible with iboothme’s digital Mosaic Wall photo booth.

Want our Mosaic Wall photo booth at your next event? Talk to us.

Our team of designers and developers will be delighted to turn your event into one of the most engaging ideas. For more info: iboothme.ae