Times are changing faster than we can imagine. Today, your audience is always on the go. Moreover, if you’re not moving with them, chances are you’ll be left behind. Which is why, at iboothme, our three roaming photo booths are designed keeping this in mind.


No more reserving expensive square feet. No complicated installations. Focus all your energy on delivering your marketing message wherever you want to. After all, the best part of these roaming photo booths is that your guests don’t have to come to it. The photo booth goes to them. You can also place a wireless printer in your shop and the roaming photo booth on the street to gain more footfalls. Plus, get all the details you want from your audience thanks to the expert software powered by Studio 94.

1. The Selfie Ball: Eyeboothme

Set your eyes on the eyebooth selfie ball – one of our cutest innovations. It’s tiny, social and it definitely grabs the attention. More importantly, our Selfie Ball does what no other photo booth or video booth can do. Besides being a roaming photo booth, it comes with a drop-safe foam shell, long-lasting rechargeable batteries, Wi-Fi-connectivity, RFID reader and customizable software solutions for all your marketing needs. All the technology you need fits in your hands.

The Selfie Ball is always a talking point of any event. Watch the video here to see how it works.

2. Roaming Mirror booth: dazzled

Everyone loves a mirror photo booth. But now we’ve gone a few steps further and turned it into a fantastic roaming photo booth. It even has LED lighting to make dimly lit events even more glamorous. Why interrupt the fun, when you can join in? This roaming mirror photo booth is light, fits in your hand and captures great photos and video too.

Check out the video bellow!

3. The social photographer: Goboothme

Simple, effective and powerful, the goboothme is definitely a go-getter when it comes to delivering a brand message directly to your audience. With a powerful HD camera mounted on it, the social photographer can navigate through the crowd, and reach your audience no matter how busy it gets.  Moreover, it allows you to get your audience to like the photo on the spot.

Goboothme can reach places traditional photo booths cannot. Check out this video here to see how it works.


Our roaming photo booths are ready to travel to your next event. Get in touch with iboothme now. 

You can rent out iboothme’s customizable roaming photo booths or video booths anytime and anywhere you want. Ready to push the boundaries? Let’s go! Talk to us now: +971 444 88 563 or visit us at iboothme.ae