VR are getting more and more popular among the social media community, it’s going to be soon a new trend. For instance, Facebook & Youtube adopted the VR technology for immersive photos and videos & Instagram will adopt it very soon. But how can your brand get benefit from it?

First of all, what is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is the term used to describe a three-dimensional, photo or video environment which can be explored by a person. That person becomes a part of this virtual world and can see it as he was physically present in that environment.

How your brand can get benefit from VR?

Imagine your guests sharing their VR photos snapped inside your shop with their social media community. The community will be able to see live your shop in 360 VR like they were present…Could you imagine the impact that your brand will have? Massive!

How to provide the VR experience to your prospects?

iboothme have developed the first immersive virtual reality photo booth and it looks impressive! See for yourself in the video:

What is the marketing benefits your brands?

Using the same visual technology for your events, over the time again & again will let your prospects loose interest of your activation efforts. Worst! They might relate your brand to a Deja Vue activation and you can create a negative image in their brain. That can be dramatic, it will cost you money, and not lead your efforts to the goal that you are looking for.

With iboothme VR you will:

  • Create a wow effect during your event
  • Your shop, concert etc… will be snapped in 360 VR and the content will be branded with your logo
  • Collect valuable database while providing a unique experience
  • Your full marketing message will be delivered thank to your marketing microsite: View video of the marketing microsite

Your prospects are looking for the WOW!

This is why you need for every activation create something unique to engrave your brand into the brain of your prospects, how? By creating a unique experience! And that unique experience will provide a positive image for your brand.

In iboothme it is our philosophy: We strive to continuously develop bespoke visual marketing software solutions to help connect consumers with your brand in order to create a relation between your brand and your prospects.

For more: iboothme.ae