You can no longer sit back and hope that your customers will come to you. Now you need to go to the one place they are always present: their mobile phones. But how do you get a photo booth to do that? Introducing SelfMe web app photo booth by iboothme – the world’s most innovative web app photo booth.

So why is the SelfMe by iboothme so handy?


Handy because you get childlike simplicity

When we say the SelfMe is handy, we mean that quite literally. After all, it doesn’t require complex installations of any sort. Or hiring an operator to function. It’s designed to work on any mobile phone. All you need to do is log in to a microsite and click your photo or boomerang in a single click. No fussy downloads. No complicated steps.

Handy for contest-led campaigns or large events

While a long queue in front of your photo booth is exciting, it can also lead to lesser engagement at large events. However, when each one of your potential customers has a photo booth in their hands and can interact with your campaign, this changes everything. Your customer can take a selfie or print a photo wirelessly. Whether this is a local or a global campaign, SelfMe web app photo booth is the ultimate way to create a huge buzz around your brand or event.

 Handy for data collection and analytics

At iboothme, we are always a step ahead in bringing you the most optimized and effective ways of data collection and analysis. SelfMe is no different. In order to receive the photo or to participate in a contest, customers need to submit their details. What this means is that you always have a ready-to-use database for all your future marketing efforts.

Handy when you need a bespoke branded platform

SelfMe web app photo booth is so much more than just a powerful visual marketing solution. It can become your online gallery where you invite people to vote. It can generate new leads, boost brand awareness and drive traffic to support your online presence. And it can be the perfect tool to help gather more user-generated content.

Want to see how Selfme mobile app can work for your next project? View the video here

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