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Visual Add-ons

Whether it’s to complement our hero booths or create an entirely different platform and develop the software to go along with it, we have the expertise, creative mindset and technical capabilities to make it happen and deliver the ultimate creative visual results.

The Giftbox

Unveil a new product, maximize hype and raise awareness all in one go with the Giftbox, a unique, see-through and fully customizable visual solution that guests can unlock using the secret code received through the photobooth.

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The Mosaic Wall

Maximize the full potential of your photobooth and get your guests fully engaged while you’re at it with the Mosaic wall; Guests can create a unique visual installation by adding their picture, taken with one of our photobooths, to other pictures.

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Data Collection

Let’s face it, very few people enjoy sharing personal details and even fewer enjoy the process of filling out forms. That’s why, our data collection tools make the process simple and even fun so it fits perfectly within the guest’s exciting journey.

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App development

Can’t find what you’re looking for in our current solutions? No problem, our team of software designers and developers are happy and ready to create customized apps and games that fit your exact need.

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Augmented reality

Want to take your guests even further? Introduce them to a whole new virtual world through our advanced AR technology.

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What’s New?

From concept and design to development and installation, our goal is to amplify your marketing message in the most creative way possible. Check out what our customers have to say about us and how events look when iboothme is around.

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