Ideas and innovations are the new currency if you want to attract attention to your brand. Want your prospects to be attracted to your brand activation idea? Well, if you build something unique, they will come and interact with your brands.

One of our clients desired to build a Claw Machine that will allow their prospects’ to control it with their smartphone while collecting their details. Brilliant idea. The hard part? It’s not something that’s readymade or something that can be sourced.

But at iboothme, we never say ‘No, that’s not possible.’ Because we know that a new idea usually means starting from scratch, we don’t claim to be top inventors or rocket scientists. But we’re passionate enough to find the answers. So, we decided to build it ourselves.

We follow a 4-step process at iboothme

1. We listen

Our clients love big ideas like the Claw Machine. And so do we. It’s tempting to start building straight away. But first, we listen to the problems, the budget and the goals. It helps us find optimum solutions not only to design but also to boost interactions, engagement, and ROI.

2. We design

Drawing up plans and designs is always exciting. But, the best part of creating a custom-made machine is that you completely control the outcome. Our designs are based on the objectives of our client. So, we must collaborate and keep them informed at every step of the design process.

3. We iterate

Not everything will go to plan when building a new concept from scratch. It needs testing and lots of it. And then iterations. Lots of those too. Creating the iboothme Claw Machine may seem easy, but there were loads of hidden challenges that needed to be resolved and ironed out to create a perfect activation product.

4. We innovate

The iboothme Claw Machine is not just a simple arcade build. It combines beautiful hardware and software design to attract your audience. It can be used for games, quizzes, photo opportunities and anything you can think of. It can also collect data the way you want it to – while customising your main marketing message. The good news? It’s not something the competition will have.

See how we built the iboothme Claw Machine from scratch. Click Here to watch the video.

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