You’ve made an attractive window display. You’ve slashed the sale further. You’re even on Instagram with plenty of followers. Somehow, none of the above seems to work as a smart solution on how to drive Instagram followers to your shop.

It’s a familiar scenario, isn’t it? What makes it worse, is that your competition across the corridor is busy pulling in the crowds. So, what are they doing that you are not? At iboothme, we’ve developed a clever little microsite app that does the trick. And it does it quite brilliantly too.

Before figuring out how to drive to Instagram followers to your shop, do these 5 things:

1) Figure out how to stop them on their phones.

Picture this. Your customer is busy on her phone. Just like you are or everyone else today generally is. She’s probably walked right past your store. She’s missed the poster about the sale. She’s hardly moved her eyes over her screen to check out your cool window display. You need a reason to disrupt her behavior and walk in. That’s why we’ve created a unique web app that only enhances your social media experience.

2) Use a single click to do the trick.

At iboothme, we’ve created a web app that works with any social story or any social media platform. No extra downloads. No interrupted social experiences. All you need to do is to embed a link in your communication. And voila. You’re done. Now, wait for the magic to happen.

3) Keep it engaging

For Gallery Lafayette, we introduced a secret code. Once the potential customer entered the details, the post automatically revealed a secret code.

4) Always collect data

At iboothme, we can’t emphasize this point enough. Data is key to your future conversations. It’s the plot to all your stories. Collect data, even if it’s just a little form of details. Our web app link is perfectly designed to help you do just that.

5) Create excitement

For Gallery Lafayette, the potential customer now had to go to the shop to claim her reward. By showing her discount code, she was able to unlock a surprise in the secret vault. A perfect way to guarantee footfalls.

From couponing to promos, imagine the possibilities and the excitement you can unlock with this smart social link for your brand. Excited? Talk to us at iboothme for your next big idea.

Want to see how to drive Instagram followers to your shop? Watch the video here.

You are only a step away from the next big solution. At, we are ready to make your event buzz-worthy. Get in touch now.

Youssef Kibbe