iboothme is now in KSA

As a natural expansion in the GCC region, we are glad that we have opened an office in Saudi Arabia to cover your activations – the iboothme photo booth has come to the KSA, and we’re ready to take up any challenges! With our cutting-edge brand activation innovations, presence all over the KSA, and customizable packages, getting your marketing message delivered to your prospects innovatively is now available for you.

Opening with a bang

Our customized photo booth solutions, tailored events software, and new technology are the perfect way to engage with your prospects and make your brand unforgettable in KSA.


At iboothme, we’ve been bringing experiential photo booths and online software to engage with prospects during brand activations since 2010 in Dubai, and we’re now proud to be present in KSA. In addition, we deeply customize each experience to align with your brand marketing strategy, ensuring it’s unique and stands out.


Brand activations should be anything but boring, and that’s why we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, our team of developers can create any software solution that allows your brand to shine during your challenge for your brand activations. We’re different because we don’t propose a birthday photo booth for brand activations; we invent innovative solutions to boost your brand image and create lasting impressions.


Check out our photo booth in KSA

  • Glamdroid: The Glamdroid robot arm photo booth produces ultra-creative visual content by combining dynamic motion with high resolution.
  • The 360: Capture the best angle at every angle with the 360 photo booth. 
  • The 180: When it comes to going big, the 180 photo booth is as grand as it gets. 
  • The Vending: Open a world of virtual engagement with a social vending machine.
  • The Claw: The Claw engages with your prospects entertainingly and distributes gifts.
  • The classic: Sleek and versatile, the Classic photo booth means business.
  • The Mirror: The ultimate head turner, the photo booth is powerful and stunning.
  • Goboothme: Award-winning roaming photo booth that can go anywhere you want to.

More than a photo booth

We also have a variety of online services that can help you reach your audience wherever they are:

  • Online Games: Our online games are perfect for engaging with your audience in a fun and interactive way.
  • Quizzes: Our quizzes are designed to be both informative and entertaining and can help you build brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Registration: Our online registration services are the perfect way to streamline the registration process and excite your attendees for your event.

Don’t take my word and witness amazing brand activations on the iboothme  YouTube channel, where we have over 300 videos of successful activations we’ve executed for big names like FIFA, Visa, and Coca-Cola. It’s a great way to witness what we can do for your activations.

At iboothme, we’re committed to making your brand activations unforgettable. Whether you’re planning an event in KSA, we have the expertise and experience necessary to succeed. So what are you waiting for? 

Contact me today at asma@iboothme.com to learn how we can help you take your brand activations to the next level with our customized photo booth solutions and tailored events software.