Everyone loves karaoke. It’s not only engaging but it also brings people together. On the other hand, everyone also loves sharing stuff on social media too. So, what if there was a way for people’s love for sharing and karaoke to come together? To promote the occasion of Sharjah’s World Book Capital, we made this possible.

iboothme created an ultra-cool innovative karaoke vending social photo booth that just might get you to sing praises about it.


The karaoke vending social photo booth by iboothme is not like any other photo booth. It plays songs that you need to sing to and then rewards you with gifts if you sing right.

It also collects valuable data from users, making it a highly viable option for future marketing efforts. What’s more, you can even add cool special effects and other features to the photo booth, making the possibilities of engagement absolutely endless.


Following the typical karaoke format, we got people to sing the national anthem of UAE with the lyrics on screen. Using a voice-activated sensor and even gesture-recognition, we were able to listen to people’s voices and recognize if they were singing it right. At the end of the anthem, the photo booth dropped a little surprise. Everyone who sang was gifted a lovely free book. Honestly, how cool is that?


When innovation and human engagement come together, there’s always magic. After all, an innovative photo booth can play a big role in changing human behaviour. More importantly, people don’t just want regular photo booths. They want photo booths that they can connect, identify and engage with. And in this particular instance, even sing with.

Besides, karaoke is very popular and hence it is always trending too. Moreover, the idea of being a vending machine adds to the overall appeal. Then there are the obvious perks. It’s customizable, scalable, affordable and portable. Which means, you can make it fit anywhere and to any budget.



At iboothme, our minds always tuned into innovations like the karaoke vending social photo booth. Want it for your next event? Why not customize it to suit your design and marketing needs? Or just share us your next brief and we can brainstorm together. Give us a call.