Every once in awhile, there comes a photo booth that questions the existence of ordinary photo booths and shatters every benchmark of cool. The Blower Ring photo booth by iboothme is one such incredible innovation. And unquestionably much, much more. While it is designed to create the most visually dramatic effects it importantly engages your audience in an action-packed, immersive experience. It’s a photo booth that stands in a league of its own.


The Blower Ring photo booth has a unique chamber that literally immerses your audience straight into the thick of dramatic space and then makes them want to stay there. Once encased in between the glass walls, the unique blower and a photo light ring work simultaneously to create any look you desire. Once, your audience has engaged effectively, this exciting photo booth), like all photo booths by iboothme), gives you the opportunity to collect valuable data by asking your audience to fill out their details. Imagine the potential you have at your hands for any future marketing efforts.



The Blower Ring photo booth by iboothme is one-of-a-kind and it never gets boring. Plus, the fun you can have with it is simply endless. Recreate those dreamy shampoo commercials. Maybe a luxurious fashion shoot. Or a wind-swept scene out of a movie. Or simply make glittering papers fly all around your audience for a spectacular and mesmerizing effect.

What’s more, you can even combine the Blower Ring photo booth with any snapchat filter, green screens, physical props and backdrops and convert it into a photo, video or gif. The possibilities run as far as your imagination can. With such an extraordinary effect, it’s not hard to see why most people often find themselves queuing up to be part of the action.



Innovative ideas like the Blower Ring photo booth are a result of a passionate crew at iboothme. You see, we love to push the boundaries of what’s expected. We’re always thinking of the next big idea that can maximize ROI, interaction and engagement. We’ll be happy to brainstorm if you have a challenging brief. Let the fun begin. Give us a shout.